About the Author and Illustrator

About Karin Tetlow, the author

A life long horse lover, Karin grew up in England riding her pony Twinkle all over the Dorset countryside. Later in the US, she and her family had horses and sheep on a farm in Ulster County, NY.

After college she crossed the Atlantic to seek her fortune, literally as it turned out, because her first professional job was reporting for Fortune magazine. Later, as an editor of Interiors she wrote about healthcare, socially conscious design and how environments affect behavior. Karin has won several awards including a Neal Award (the Pulitzer of business media.) Currently she writes for the architecture and construction press.

In the 90s, seeking another world to explore, Karin became a licensed acupuncturist specializing in Five Element Acupuncture, a practice that addresses the mindbodyspirit. She sees patients in Berwyn and Philadelphia, PA.

Soon after arriving in Philadelphia she was introduced to rowing on the Schuylkill River and found it a sport that stuck because each trip up and down the river is unique and can be accomplished sitting down. After noticing the water lapping on the docks and being reminded of Venice, she named her boat La Serenissima, the name Venetians gave to their city.

Harry the Carousel Horse and Harry Goes Rowing are Karin’s first two children’s book. Stay tuned for Harry’s next journey.

Tessa Guze, the illustrator:

I have known that I wanted to be a children’s book illustrator since before I knew how to read or write. I began by stapling pieces of paper together to make books and then drawing stories about my many pets. I have always been inspired by people and animals. Now, as a freelance illustrator, I hope that living abroad (thus far in India, Mexico, England, and Korea) can help me create illustrations for children that will help them learn about different cultures in an engaging way.